Case Study

Analysis of Electrification Access and Cross-Border Trade

Enabling accurate analysis of electrification access, facilitate investment decisions, promote renewable energy adoption, and enhance cross-border electricity trade.


Technologies Stack Used:

Technologies Used in Electrification Access AI and ML Platform


Zlanyk Technologies, a leading IT company specializing in innovative solutions, partnered with the SAARC Energy Commission to address the challenges faced by SAARC countries in achieving reliable and sustainable energy access. The collaboration aimed to develop a mapping platform that would enable accurate analysis of electrification access, facilitate investment decisions, promote renewable energy adoption, and enhance cross-border electricity trade. This case study explores the objectives, methodologies, and achievements of the project.

Client Background:

The SAARC Energy Commission is a regional intergovernmental organization focused on energy cooperation among South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries. Recognizing the need for comprehensive energy planning, the commission sought to provide valuable information about energy access, investment requirements, and renewable energy potential in SAARC countries.


  1. Provide accurate information regarding electrification access in SAARC countries.
  2. Analyze underdeveloped areas lacking connection to the central grid and estimate investment requirements for grid connectivity or renewable energy adoption.
  3. Facilitate cross-border electricity trade between neighboring SAARC countries.
  4. Enable easy analysis and decision-making support for investors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) interested in energy projects.

Methodologies & Technologies Used:

Zlanyk Technologies employed a comprehensive approach, integrating advanced technologies and industry-standard programming languages. The primary technologies leveraged in this project included PHP, JavaScript (JS), Mapbox, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) tools such as Tensorflow, Keras, and Python.

1. Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Extensive data gathering: Zlanyk Technologies collaborated closely with the SAARC Energy Commission to gather comprehensive data sets encompassing energy infrastructure, population statistics, and geographic details of SAARC countries.
  • Mapping and visualization: Utilizing Mapbox and JS, the team developed a highly intuitive mapping platform that visualized energy access data on interactive maps, enabling thorough analysis and informed decision-making.
  • Electrification access analysis: Advanced AI/ML algorithms were employed to analyze underdeveloped regions, identifying areas lacking central grid connectivity and estimating investment requirements for grid connection or renewable energy solutions.

2. Cross-Border Electricity Trade:

  • Interconnection assessment: Zlanyk Technologies integrated data from neighboring SAARC countries to assess the potential for cross-border electricity trade.
  • Resource optimization: The platform identified surplus energy generation in one country and deficit in another, facilitating efficient cross-border trading opportunities and mutual benefits.

Results and Achievements:

Zlanyk Technologies successfully delivered a robust mapping platform for the SAARC Energy Commission, resulting in the following achievements:

1. Electrification Access Analysis:

  • Accurate mapping: The platform provides detailed maps showcasing electrification access across SAARC countries, effectively identifying underdeveloped areas lacking central grid connectivity.
  • Investment estimation: Leveraging AI/ML algorithms, the platform estimates the required investments for connecting areas to the central grid or implementing renewable energy solutions.
  • Population analysis: The platform also enables population analysis, providing insights into energy access challenges faced by specific regions.

2. Cross-Border Electricity Trade:

  • Enhanced energy cooperation: By analyzing cross-border electricity trade potential, the platform supports and encourages energy cooperation among neighboring SAARC countries.
  • Resource optimization: Surplus energy generation in one country can be effectively utilized to meet the deficit in another, resulting in resource optimization and improved energy security.


Zlanyk Technologies’ collaboration with the SAARC Energy Commission has enabled the development of a powerful mapping platform, revolutionizing energy access analysis and decision-making. By accurately assessing electrification access, estimating investment requirements, and promoting

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